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How-To: DIY a Marble Table

One of Jenna’s favorite design hacks is to make a marble-top table to her specifications. Whether she’s starting from scratch or leveraging an existing vintage table, here’s how it’s done.

1tape measure illustration

Determine the dimensions

Have you heard the saying “measure twice, cut once”? Figuring out the size of your table will make subsequent steps foolproof.

2hairpin legs illustration

Look at those table legs

A few online resources that we lean on are Balasagun, Hairpin Legs, and Hairpin Leg Company, all of which have various styles — powder-coated, brass, chrome, and more.

3Lyon's Marble Yard sign illustration

Locate your local marble yard

Once you have, ask to see remnants. In New York, we head to SMC Stone in Brooklyn.

4onyx travertine and marble finish illustration

Find a sample you like

Make sure it isn’t thicker than ¾ inch. We love onyx, travertine and, of course, marble.

5table cut illustration

Pick your spot

With the right dimensions in hand, select where you’d like the table cut.

6honed or polished marble finish illustration

Choose a finish

The top can be polished or honed. Jenna prefers a honed finish.

7beveled table edge illustration

Smooth out the edges

Request a ¼-inch beveled edge around the perimeter.

8plywood illustration

It’s all about the base

Cut a piece of birch ply or apple ply 4 inches smaller than the desired table length and width (2 inches on each side).

9table with hairpin legs illustration

Secure your legs

Use counter-sunk pilot holes and bolts with nuts and lock washers to attach the legs to the ply.

10finished table illustration

The final touch

Place the stone on top of the plywood — you don’t need to secure them to one another because the marble is so heavy — and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind table.

Illustrations by Or Gotham

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