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Glossary: A Stylish guide

High-Low Concept

EPISODE 2: Taking your favorite, most polished piece and pairing it with something a bit more weathered. It’s about mixing opposites, like sequins and sneakers.

Datum Line

EPISODE 2: A way of dividing a space. Pick a line in a room whether it be top of a mantle, top of a doorway or a window ledge to paint around the room.


EPISODE 3: A decorative plate beneath the dinner plate.

Tonal or monochromatic dressing

EPISODE 5: Using the same color but in different shades and textures in an outfit.


EPISODE 5: A man’s long, belted tunic.

Blocking can make all the difference in how a hat looks.


EPISODE 5: Reshaping a hat using a hand process.


EPISODE 8: A type of printed design, with repeating patterns usually depicting a scene.

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